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TBF Traveling Tournament Trail
Registration Opens
August 2023


The Bass Federation (TBF)
Student Angler Federation (SAF)
Triple Threat Tournament Series

Qualify for the Junior World Championship!




Tournament Trail Information: PLEASE READ!

  • This TBF club is a Traveling Tournament Trail; please review the schedule and dates before you sign up!

    • 2023-2024 Tentative Tournament Schedule (all dates are permit pending):

      • ALAMO LAKE OCTOBER 22ND, 2023 



      • MARTINEZ LAKE MARCH 17TH, 2024 

      • TBF State Championship Lake TBD, April 28th, 2024 

        • You will have to register for the TBF State Championship separately.

  • THE RULE OF 3: We are always required to have 3 people on a boat; this may be two anglers and a boat captain or one angler with an observer and a boat captain. There is no exception to this rule. Even if it is a parent as the boat captain and their child as the angler, an observer must be on the boat. Observers may be another parent within the club, the angler’s parent/guardian, grandparent, sibling, volunteer, etc. as long as there are 3 people on each boat. 
    Federal Safe Sports Act, there MUST be 3 people in each boat. NO exceptions.

  • Boater Safety:

    • Boat Captains need to be over the age of 21
      Captains are not allowed to be a guide unless they are a parent of one of the anglers.
      TBF Junior Anglers are NOT permitted to
       operate the main engine or drive the boat. Per TBF Rules

  • Life Vest must be on and secure whenever the combustion engine is on, with no exceptions! All Children 12 years of age and younger must wear a USCG- approved wearable life jacket while underway on any vessel, its the LAW!

  • At any other time, the combustion engine is on, the Boat Captain must be seated and in full control of the vessel.

  • Junior Teams (2nd grade- 8th grade)

    • ​Graduating 2023 8th graders must register as a high school member

  • High School Teams (9th grade-12th grade)

    • High School Eligibility:  Participation is open to all ninth, 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade high school students. Participation by one (1) seventh or eighth-grade student per team is permitted. One member of each team must have completed the 8th grade but not yet started the first semester in their freshman year of college. Additionally, in no case may a student angler compete that has graduated from high school more than 7 months. PER TBF RULES


    • The total Tournament Trail fee is $225 PER ANGLER, fee includes the tournament trail and TBF/SAF Membership.

      • Trail Fee Breakdown

        • TBF Membership is $25 per angler

        • Tournament Entry $50 per tournament/per angler​

        • ​$25 TBF Membership + $200 is the total of 4 Tournaments = $225 PER ANGLER​

        • Each angler will register and pay their own entry and membership fee

  • Based on 25 boats/teams registered for the trail. 1 in 5, Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 teams at each tournament for a total of $1,050 worth of awards and prizes. 1 Big fish $50 prize value will be awarded at each tournament.

  • ​Value of each team prize:

    1st Place $400 per team​

    2nd Place $300 per team

    3rd Place $150 per team

    4th Place $100 per team

    5th place $50 per team

  • The operating, prize, and travel budget for the 2023-2024 season is $10,000. 

    • Prizes $1,050 per tournament= $4,200 for the season​

    • State Championship Prize= $2,000 

    • Grand Prize travel funds= $2,000 for the first-place AOY team

    • Operating budget is $1,800, which covers generator fuel, permits, insurance, award plaques, etc.

    • Sponsorship funds assist with prizes, the Grand Prize travel fund, and the operating budget as well as help purchase much-needed items!

    • The value is an estimate based on 25 high school boats, the value/prizes are subject to change based on funds available.

  • Winner takes all Grand Prize; $2,000 travel funds will be awarded at the end of the 4-tournament series as well as qualify your team for TBF National Championship!

    • $2,000 for the 1st place AOY High School qualifying team, the amount awarded is based on a minimum of 25 High School boats.

    • Sponsored Arizona jersey with a TBF patch will be awarded if funds are available. 

  • Winner takes all Grand Prize qualification:​

    • Junior Team with the most points at the end of the series, no throw-out tournament

  • All rules and regulations can be found on the TBF website.

  • Specific off-limit areas will be announced at check-in or contact the tournament director for any questions

  • No lunch will be provided

  • No Frills – No Stage – Individual Fish Release by Teams after weigh-in.

  • Tournament Information:

    • Morning Check-in is 5:30 am/6:30 am (depending on safelight)

    • Weigh-in is 1:30 pm for Junior Anglers

  • 5 fish limit, team weight

  • Boat numbers will be given within the Fishing Chaos app (more information on the app below).

    • If, for some reason, you cannot attend due to a family emergency/sickness, we ask that you email or call to let us know that you will not be attending.

  • If you have any questions, please reach out to Seth Starks at 480-318-0533

  • DOWNLOAD the Fishing Chaos app.  

    • ​We will review how to use the app at New Angler Night.


  • JERSEY: We ask all anglers to wear a Phoenix Junior Bassmasters jersey. This will help us better identify our club on the water and during check-in and weigh-in. 

    • To order a TBF jersey for $65 and/or a $75 hoody, click the "JERSEY STORE" button below! The RED jersey is for our junior anglers with the Phoenix Junior Bassmasters logo. You may order your own custom-designed jersey with your own sponsors. However, you ask that you have the PHXJRB logo and TBF logo on the jersey.  TIP: Order your jersey 4 to 6 weeks before the first tournament to allow production and shipping time. The Jersey Store link is coming soon! ​​

  • CLUB STORE: Represent AZHSB as well as help with club funding! To order club fundraising merchandise, click the "CLUB STORE" button below! The club store link is coming soon! 

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